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What to Expect This Fall for American Colleges and Universities
July 2, 2020

Four Scenarios That Colleges are Considering While the full scope of the COVID-19 pandemic is yet to be known, one thing is for certain: The Fall 2020 semester at American colleges and universities, and possibly foreign education institutions, will look drastically different than every semester that has come before. Plans are fluid as coronavirus numbers…

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15 Things to Know if You Want to Do Your University Studies Abroad
July 1, 2020

The Pros and Cons of Attending School Overseas Have you considered doing your university studies outside the United States? Many globally-minded students are strongly considering various international options now, and the good news is that universities around the world are eager to welcome students from around the world to study overseas. For the last 5…

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Spring 2020: Travel Update
June 28, 2020

Pre-COVID Travel We travel constantly to see schools and programs, and early 2020 (pre-Covid) was no exception. Funnily enough, because of various personal reasons, there was a sense of urgency and they started off the year with a whirlwind of travel. Today we are so grateful for these experiences so that we can bring this…

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Education Vs. Coronavirus: June Edition
June 22, 2020

Boarding Schools and Therapeutic Schools. Are they open? Though the sands continue to shift beneath our feet, we will attempt to describe the landscape today, what we are predicting, and what we do not know. Watch this space for updates mid-July or sooner. What we are seeing today Boarding schools Colleges are faced with very…

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10 TIPS and TRICKS I’ve learned homeschooling during quarantine
April 28, 2020

 10 tips and tricks I’m learning while homeschooling my four children. I have four boys that range in age from 6-16 years old. With a child in high school, junior high, elementary school, and kindergarten, it’s been a bit of a circus trying to meet the physical and emotional needs of each child. Here are…

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How to Ace the Zoom College Interview
April 15, 2020

Everyone is on Zoom, or similar platforms these days, whether it’s for online class, a conversation with potential coach, interview for a job or with a college, or even making new friends (hey, it counts!). Let’s learn how to ACE the Zoom interview. There are some tricks to looking good and putting forth a positive…

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