Western Canadian Boarding Schools Rock!
July 11, 2018

Cobalt blue skies, soaring evergreen trees, lush ferns, glacial lakes, hidden coves,  and ocean views – few places in the world are as lovely as the islands of Victoria and Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. I had the pleasure of traveling there in April at the invitation of the Canadian Association of Independent Schools to…

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How to Rock the Boarding School Skype Interview
February 1, 2018

Interviewing for anything— be it a new job, placement in a boarding school, or even making new friends (hey, it counts!) can be nerve-wracking for most. When you’re preparing for a boarding school interview virtually or via a boarding school Skype interview, there are some pitfalls we don’t want you to trip into. Luckily, having…

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Is that Boarding School Right for Your Child?
May 30, 2017

Important questions to ask before deciding if a school may be the right fit for your child By Becky Grappo When considering boarding school for their child, many parents are thinking about the issues of academic quality and environments, but good boarding schools should also provide safe, nurturing, personalized learning communities with strong residential support systems…

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On the Go: RNG Visits Schools, Colleges, and Therapeutic Programs
December 2, 2016

  We’ve had a busy few months here at RNG International, working hard to keep our clients apprised of all that’s happening in the college, boarding school and therapeutic program landscape. Rebecca Grappo was a keynote speaker for International Education Week for the University of Central Florida on the very important topic of the “Ongoing…

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6 Big Questions (and many smaller ones) On Finding The Right Boarding School
November 22, 2016

With so many good boarding schools throughout the United States, how do you distinguish which one is best suited to your child’s needs? In my work as an educational consultant, I’ve visited more than 200 boarding school campuses, many multiple times. While I have a good sense of most boarding schools and what they offer,…

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Supporting Geographic Diversity at U.S. Boarding Schools
October 15, 2016

RNG International hosted a wonderful breakfast last week in Denver with over 40 independent school admission officers seeking to continue to diversify their student body socioeconomically, racially and geographically. Attending the morning information sessions put together by Michelle Grappo and Rebecca Grappo were representatives from: Northeastern independent boarding schools such as Hotchkiss, Vermont Academy, Governor’s Academy, St…

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