It’s May and while schools are getting ready to dismiss for summer, it’s still not too late to apply for fall! Here is how we work with students to apply outside the normal admissions cycle.

    Develop about your criteria The first step in the search process is identifying your key parameters and criteria for a school. Things to consider: location, size, school programming (STEM, arts, AP versus IB). It’s also important to take into consideration the supports available and school culture. Take time to consider what values are most important to you and how that translates to a school community.

    • Pro tip: The most competitive schools in the United States typically do adhere strictly to the admissions cycles. When applying later in the season, it is important to have an expanded search and include a variety of excellent schools.

    Start your school search Popular online resources include The Association of Boarding Schools’ website and Social media can be hit or miss. We recommend taking the time to carefully review websites and talk with schools as well as current and past students (and maybe your favorite educational consultant!).

    Call schools directly and promptly This is probably the most important thing to do early in the admissions process when applying out of cycle. Once you identify a school of interest, reach out directly – and quickly. Ask if they are still accepting applicants for the desired year, introduce your family, and make a connection. If you seek financial aid, ask about this early in the conversation too.

    • Pro-tip: Be sure to also use these initial calls to inquire about setting up a virtual information session with an admissions officer or scheduling an in-person tour.

    Application time Once you have pulled your list together, it’s important to quickly begin the application process. Keep in mind that while parent and student personal statements may not take long, it can take time to collect submissions for teacher recommendations, transcripts, and other external documents.

    Decisions When you apply during the admissions cycle, the wait time to hear from schools is weeks and even months. But if you’re applying late spring, you can usually expect to hear within a week (or even less) on the school’s decision. School will usually want an answer from the student fairly quickly, so be prepared to have conversations and collect any additional information needed so you can make an informed decision! Ultimately, make sure to keep your eye on finding the right fit.

    In sum, do not be deterred – it is not too late to apply to boarding school for this fall. We have worked with students well into the summer, fall, and even midyear! The key is staying focused on finding the right fit while working briskly and communicating closely with schools. 

    If it feels overwhelming to sift through websites and calling schools, consider working with an educational consultant. We can help you get through the admissions process with ease and, more importantly, find the perfect match school for you.

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    Your dream school is out there and waiting for you!

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