Five Signs a College Student may Benefit from Extra Support
May 22, 2019

Challenge is a part of the normal transition to college. The difficult parts of life are the parts where we learn and grow. And, sometimes students struggle an extraordinary amount and require support. Here are five signs a college student may benefit from extra support: 1. Communication: What is communication with home like? Are students…

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Texas Colleges and Universities: Texas A&M, Rice University, Trinity College, Schreiner University and the University of Houston
July 25, 2018

  Starting the Texas Tour Prior to the IECA Conference in Austin this year, I had the opportunity to visit 6 Texas colleges and universities in east and central Texas with a group of other IECA college consultants. Starting on a Sunday night at the Hilton School of Hospitality Management at the University of Houston,…

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Is My Teenager Ready for College?
February 14, 2018

On one of the first fall days of September, Michelle and Rebecca were invited to speak to the Colorado Consultants Association to answer that vexing and nagging query: is my teenager ready for college? Utilizing their extensive experience and professional backgrounds, they addressed the various social-emotional needs, learning difficulties, and even current cultural challenges that…

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College Transfer Success Story of A Gifted but Struggling International Student
December 2, 2016

We are a Foreign Service family with a college transfer success story of a gifted but struggling international student. We had used RNG Interrnational Consultant Rebecca Grappo (Becky) with our first daughter who had an undiagnosed learning disability. We went back to Becky for assistance when our second daughter was re-applying to colleges after a rough start…

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International Students Are on the Rise
August 22, 2016

International students are on the rise in the U.S, up 10 percent, according to a recent study. But where exactly are they going? The most recent findings by the Institute of International Education found that the 2014-2015 school year showed the highest rate of growth in international students at U.S. colleges and universities in thirty-five…

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Back to School Shopping: Graduate Level Organization 101
August 6, 2014

Heading off to boarding school this fall? College? Even graduate school? I am sure you are in the thick of back to school shopping. There’s just something about it. A fresh start. New beginnings. And that’s just the shoes! I have written about my personal tips for surviving and thriving in a rigorous academic setting…

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