U.K. Admissions

More Americans are choosing to study abroad in the U.K. – but how does that process work?

Having a unique international university experience can go beyond a semester abroad. The United Kingdom’s intensive, subject-focused higher education system is a great fit for many. Exploring that option should be exciting, accessible, and easy to navigate. 

RNG International offers personalized guidance to studying in the U.K., including:

  • Consultations about whether the British academic system is right for you
  • Matching students with the right universities
  • Breakdown of the UCAS application process
  • Pros and cons of semester/year abroad vs. whole degree abroad
  • Guidance on course selection
  • Personal statement writing help
  • Accessible guidance on terminology and structural differences
  • Visa advice
  • Choosing between England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland
  • Liaison between American high schools and British universities
  • Insight into British student life
  • Cultural differences and adjustment

Oxford & Cambridge

For students considering Ivy Leagues and similar colleges in the U.S., Oxford and Cambridge – or “Oxbridge” – are excellent options for those looking for new adventures across the pond.

RNG International understands the importance of knowing these ancient universities’ unique admissions systems and teaching styles before applying. We offer consultations and guidance from a former Oxford admissions tutor, helping students tailor their U.K. applications to include these prestigious institutions.

To learn more about U.K. Admissions, contact us!