by Tara Hack

What is YouScience

YouScience’s Aptitude and Career Discovery is an assessment that students can take to learn more about how their interests and aptitudes relate to potential college majors and career paths. YouScience puts students through a number of assessments with different focuses, some focusing more on reading comprehension, visual patterns, math, or spatial reasoning, for example. 

How it differs from other tests I’ve seen

I’ve used a number of different interest assessments throughout my work in career services, but none have been quite as thorough as the YouScience assessment. The majority of assessments out there focus primarily on interests, leaving out an integral part of the career decision making process: a person’s aptitudes. This comprehensive approach gives students the most clear picture of careers that they will not only enjoy, but they will be great at, too. 

Overall, I was very impressed with the comprehensive set of results that the YouScience Aptitude and Career Discovery assessment provides. 

The report generated after you complete the assessment walks you through important key pieces of a student’s personality and preferences, such as work approach, interpersonal style, idea generation habits, and more. It then gives the students words and phrases to describe their aptitudes and the value they bring to be used in discussions with counselors, resumes, interviews, and more. 

Beyond the aptitudes and personality definitions, YouScience also shows students a long list of careers that might be a good fit for them based on the findings of the assessment. You will find an interest code of 2-3 letters that is uniquely based on your responses, and these same interest codes are used to classify thousands (if not millions!) of careers. 

The finding of an interest code is common among interest inventories, but YouScience combines the knowledge of your interest inventory and the information it has gathered about your personality and aptitudes to take the career matching process to a whole new level. 

Once a student has received their results, they are able to dive deeply into a plethora of information about each career they choose, which allows students to make informed decisions about their future and the path to take to achieve their goals. 

Overall, YouScience gets an A in my book! 

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