July 15, 2016

SAT and ACT – 3 quick tips, and lots of opinions By Rebecca Grappo Everyone seems to have a differing view on which standardized test is preferable, particularly in light of the recent changes to the SAT. Once more, locale, educational background, and command of the English language can mean that international students have additional…

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College-Bound TCK or International Student? Here’s Another Way to Think About Summer
February 21, 2013

One thing on the mind of many high school students is what to do to be more ready for college, or “how to look good” for college. (Or if you aren’t thinking about it yet, maybe you should!) If you want to do something productive with your summers in order to “look good” for colleges,…

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SAT and ACT Prep
May 18, 2010

SAT and ACT Prep – Is it Worth the Time and Monday Few letters strung together like “SAT” or “ACT” can conjure up as much fear, anxiety, and dread in a student as these! Students hear the hype about college admissions and think that their very future depends on their SAT or ACT score. In…

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