RNG is offering two types of career assessment services for both the high school and college student. For high school students this is a wonderful opportunity to examine your aptitudes and interests and learn how this information can help you when choosing a major in school, or finding a career path.

For college students we have an abundance of services ranging from decision making to resumes and interview help. Which is right for you?

High School Students

Are you getting close to graduating and need help deciding which path to take in college? Or which college to attend? Let RNG guide you through this overwhelming yet exciting adventure.

College Students

Did you know that the average college student changes his or her major 5-7 times? As students are exposed to new information and areas of study, they may find that what they thought they loved actually isn’t for them, and that something they knew nothing about actually lights their soul on fire. That new subject may not have an obvious career path like highly technical college majors do, so that’s where we come in. We have vast experience in helping college students choose majors, career paths, and develop the skills to be successful in each. 

Maybe your student knows exactly what he or she wants to do, but doesn’t know the best path to get there. Or, perhaps, your student just needs some help showcasing his or her knowledge and experience in the best possible light to land their dream internship, job, or graduate school seat. At RNG, we are here to help your college student succeed inside and beyond the classroom. 

Career & Success Coaching programs are customized to meet your needs, as no two students’ career development process is the same. Here is a sampling of topics that we offer coaching on in this realm:

  • Major/career decision making
  • Resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and personal statement reviews 
  • Finding the right internship, job, or graduate program for you
  • Personal passion and values discovery
  • Interview skills & highly customized mock interviews
  • Road-mapping your career path 
  • Turning your liberal arts major into a full-time career 
  • Student success inside and outside of the classroom 
  • Using social media in the job search 
  • The ins & outs of LinkedIn 
  • Enhancing employability through extracurricular activities 

You will first take a career assessment test which will give you insights into your personal aptitudes and interests. You will learn which careers fit your personality and interests and which schools to focus on. Sound interesting? We invite you to contact us!