Overcoming Obstacles, Finding Hope

All adolescents will struggle at times. It’s a part of growing up. Some adolescents struggle in unhealthy ways leading to risky behaviors that can threaten their futures, those around them, and even their very lives.

When do you know if your child needs help? Some warning signs include:

  • decreased interest in school
  • falling grades
  • oppositional behavior at home, i.e. fighting, arguing, power struggles, lack of respect
  • disciplinary problems at school
  • experimentation with drugs or alcohol
  • lack of judgment and poor decision-making skills
  • negative peer group
  • being asked to leave a school
  • signs of depression
  • suicidal thoughts

This is only a partial list of issues parents and adolescents face. There is hope. There are wonderful programs that can help turn a struggling teen’s life around. RNG International™ is experienced working with wilderness and therapeutic boarding schools and programs to help a student get their lives back on track. Like any other case, it begins by thoroughly getting to know a student, then working closely with parents, programs, and therapists over a period of time.

A successful treatment plan is one involving not only the wilderness and/or therapeutic school and program, but also an after-care plan to ensure a transition that helps the student hold on to progress made. These cases are quite emotional for the families, and require intensive and sensitive work on the part of the educational consultant. There are alternatives for struggling teens and quality programs will quickly tell you the value of having an educational consultant involved in the case from beginning to end. In fact, many programs call upon us to consult with families who do not have an educational consultant.

There are also programs for young adults, ages 18 – 23 and even up to 30, who did not receive help earlier, learned lessons the hard way, and are now ready to work on their lives. Many parents have said, “I wish I had known about you before! I needed you….”

Always know, it’s never too late.

Contact us to find out how we can help you with your struggling teen.