As Rebecca & Michelle Grappo works with students and their families, visits schools, attends conferences and gathers knowledge, they continue to share that knowledge through their own articles for educational and therapeutic counselors which are posted here. Feedback is welcome!

Dear Becky, Thank you so much for your time and willingness to present on our call yesterday. WOW—I so very much appreciated the personal touch that you brought to your presentation—you had many of us in tears. Your thoughts on resilience and self-care were really helpful. Thank you, thank you! I am so grateful to be part of a community where people are so willing to put themselves out there, come together, and find ways to support each other and the families who need us right now in thoughtful and creative ways. THANK YOU for being such a valuable part of this community; I sincerely appreciate you bringing your wisdom and experience to the table—we all needed that.

Thank you, Becky! It was a fantastic presentation! Lots of great feedback from those who participated and those who have watched the recording. I hope it spurs a few more people to reach out to you all with questions via email!