Powerful Impact Across Borders

When our professional peers think of educational and therapeutic consultants who really understand international and expat families, they usually think of RNG International. We understand the complexity of working with struggling teens and young adults outside of the United States and have vast experience in how these issues are handled in different cultures, languages, and countries. Both Rebecca and Michelle have worked overseas, and Rebecca has also worked at the U.S. Department of State in close coordination with other support offices on very complicated and acute cases around the world.

Obtaining a proper evaluation, such as a neuropsychological or psycho-educational evaluation, is critical to accurately identifying underlying issues, whether they are learning disabilities, mental health issues, substance use, or behavioral issues. These evaluations, in turn, are key to making a proper placement. Fortunately we have a referral network of professionals around the world and throughout the United States to which we have established relationships. Sometimes we are called upon to manage a crisis, or sometimes we have months of lead-time. But we can guide a family calmly through the next steps with confidence.

Additionally, working with families around the world means we can work across time zones, over Skype or FaceTime, and help families with logistics. When necessary, we also bring in translators to help facilitate communication. Note that when working on a therapeutic placement for non-US citizens or permanent residents, we must pay special attention to visa issues when making decisions. The process is very different and has additional considerations when working with this population.

Therapeutic placements can present additional cultural challenges as well. Not only is language occasionally a barrier, but extra sensitivity is needed when working with families from diverse backgrounds. To learn more contact us!

For additional information check out some of the presentations, interviews, and articles Rebecca and Michelle have authored on this topic for a wide variety of audiences, including their professional peers.