Where do I Start? RNG Can help!

There is so much press about college that it’s hard to know what to believe or where to begin the process.

The number of choices may appear overwhelming, or not be sufficiently broad. Students and parents alike are often confused about college admissions criteria and whether or not their student will be admitted. Paying for college is also a major concern. Students with learning disabilities, ADHD, and other challenges have special considerations when applying to college. Working with a professional will help keep the process focused and alleviate much of the stress involved with applying to and getting into college.

Support the Process

Perhaps more than anything, both students and families need moral support during this process. I have yet to meet a family not needing this type of support. Students and parents can become anxious and need to be reassured that everything will be okay. Sometimes students procrastinate and need someone other than parents to drive the process, keep them organized, and hold them to deadlines. Questions arise and the family needs credible and honest answers. The relationship between students, parents, and us as consultants is critical. This is more than just about “getting things done.”

As lead consultant for college counseling at RNG International, I, Rebecca, am working directly with students. These are just some of the ways I work with students as they go through the college application process:

  • Get to know the student to understand their abilities, skills, talents, interests, personality, and learning style
  • Suggest appropriate colleges and guide the student through the research phase
  • Advise on appropriate testing strategies and timelines for the application process
  • Assist students in telling their story throughout the application so that their uniqueness will shine
  • Help to plan how to make the most of their college visits, whether it be virtual or in person
  • Guide students through the college essay and supplemental essay writing process in order to create a memorable story
  • Work with the family on finalizing the college list
  • Discuss the financial considerations of their college choices and available options for financial assistance
  • Coach students on the college interview process
  • Help students meet all application deadlines
  • Meet with students to help them finalize their choices after acceptances are received
  • Advise students through the transition to college, setting them up for success once they are ready to leave home

Let RNG be your guide through the overwhelming process so that you can focus on what’s important, your family! CONTACT US and let’s talk.

More about Rebecca and her credentials for college advising
More and more people are entering the business of college advising, and students and families must choose their consultant wisely. It’s not only important that personalities click, but also that the consultant is qualified to guide the student. Here are some things to know about Rebecca (Becky). She:

  • Holds a Master’s degree in Education and has worked in 3 different schools
  • Completed all courses and electives for the UCLA Extension Certificate in College Counseling
  • Designed and teaches the online course for other consultants called, “American College Consulting for the International Student” through UC Irvine
  • Has earned the “College” and “International” designation as a professional member of IECA, as well as for her work with students with Learning Disabilities
  • Attends various professional development conferences devoted to college counseling every year
  • Has visited several hundred colleges and universities around the United States
  • Has advised scores of students successfully through the college process
  • Is part of several networking groups devoted to professional development in college counseling
  • Maintains professional memberships in *IECA, *HECA, *NACAC, and IACAC
  • Has led many college workshops and presentations for students and parents alike
  • Is proud of the fact that she works with a range of students, from those who are prepared for the “Ivies” to those who sometimes struggle academically. There is a college for everyone.

You can read more about her bio here.

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*Independent Educational Consultant Association, Higher Education Consultants Association, National Association of College Admissions Counseling, and International Association of College Admissions Counseling