Providing Support, Empowering Lives

Boarding schools for students with learning differences are a breath of fresh air. Let us help you connect with a school where students with learning differences thrive.

We are experts in learning and understanding special needs, and we have made it part of our mission to get to know schools across the country that are really good at supporting kids. We work with the entire range of students with learning differences, including Attention Deficit Disorders, Dyslexia and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Some students are only mildly impacted while others need specialized support.

We work with traditional boarding schools that have robust and well-developed learning support teams. We also work with more specialized schools that have all the traditional boarding school offerings but are designed to support students with specific learning and/or developmental disabilities. These schools feature reading specialists, special educators, and thoughtful consideration to the emotional and physical well being of students.

Whatever the need and whatever the school, expect your child to be welcomed with the same goal: to see your student thrive.