On the Go: RNG Visits Schools, Colleges, and Therapeutic Programs

December 2, 2016


We’ve had a busy few months here at RNG International, working hard to keep our clients apprised of all that’s happening in the college, boarding school and therapeutic program landscape.

Rebecca Grappo was a keynote speaker for International Education Week for the University of Central Florida on the very important topic of the “Ongoing Value of Study Abroad and Foreign Exchange Programs.” She also joined a panel discussion on multiculturalism at the IECA Conference in New Orleans and led the Foreign Service Youth Foundation College Workshop in Washington, DC.

As part of her ongoing effort to stay informed of developments at boarding schools and colleges, Rebecca has travelled to more than a dozen schools since September in both North Carolina and California, as well as more than a half-dozen universities in Louisiana. She and her consulting partner Michelle Grappo also hosted a breakfast at their office in Denver with boarding school admissions officers from throughout the U.S. and met with numerous school and university representatives.

Loyola University

Michelle, meanwhile, has continued to expand upon her knowledge of therapeutic programs through multiple trips to Utah and Nebraska, where she saw many therapeutic programs, and through her role as Vice Chair of Therapeutic Committee for the IECA.

Michelle Grappo on a hike with one of her students and the class from a therapeutic school in Utah

Moon Ridge Academy in Utah

In her effort to keep up to date on the latest trends and developments in education in the Northeastern U.S., Michele also visited many boarding schools in New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. She also found time to volunteer at the American Psychiatric Congress conference in New York City.

The Darrow School in New York

The Dublin School in New Hampshire

Boat building at Proctor Academy in New Hampshire

Blacksmithing is also an option at Proctor Academy in New Hamphire

Both Michelle and Rebecca look forward to sharing their latest news on the education landscape with their clients.

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