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RNG – What does an educational consultant do?

Educational consultants have a very diverse skill set. At RNG, this includes individualized college admissions counseling, choosing appropriate boarding schools, selecting the right international schools, and transition and resilience issues for Third Culture Kids. RNG also provides identification of resources for children with special needs  

As an educational consultant, RNG represents a global presence in the field and have finely tuned our ability to work with students and parents no matter where they are. We believe that when children and adolescents are in the right school or college they thrive. Sometimes the consequences of not having their academic, social or emotional needs met can be quite serious. RNG proves to be a valuable resource for our clients in the United States and abroad. Our unique ability to match our students to the right school or program has made a difference in many lives.

So, what does an “Educational Consultant” at RNG do exactly?

Most educational consultants specialize in assisting particular kinds of students or students with specific educational needs. For example, an educational consultant can focus exclusively on assisting with college planning and admissions. Others focus on students seeking a boarding school. Their are some that specialize in students who are learning disabled or have behavioral/emotional difficulties.

RNG is an all-inclusive and comprehensive educational consulting agency that works with individual students and families on any and all educational issues facing local as well as international young people.

The field of educational consulting has grown considerably in the past few years. In order to be a successful, consultants must enjoy working with young people and their parents and get satisfaction from helping students reach their goals. At RNG, our passion is our projects. We are a mother-daughter team and as such, maintain a small and family-oriented practice. By choosing RNG to help you with educational consulting, you will work with experienced professionals who are personally committed to each student’s success. You will work directly with us—no “middleman.” We are here to support you and see every student flourish.

RNG: A world-class experience through trustworthy connections

Here is a small example of what we do:

  • College: where do I start?
  • International Students: Home away from home- having success abroad
  • Learning Differences: Higher learning and stronger support
  • Boarding School Admission: Navigating the process with RNG by your side
  • Boarding schools for International students: Feel confident and secure when worlds apart
  • Students with Learning Disabilities and Other Special Needs: Providing support & empowering lives
  • Alternatives For Struggling Teens: Overcoming obstacles, Finding Hope

In every educational situation, our first step is getting to know the young person and their family as well as we can by assessing the needs of the student, their priorities, as well as their family values. Once we know the student and their family, we facilitate conversations with schools and programs to ascertain the placement fit. Then we can begin to make recommendations based on their goals. We assist and guide the student and/or family through all the steps of the process; from identifying schools, programs, or colleges and universities, to applying and accepting the offer of admission and even continued monitoring in some cases.

Choosing Wisely: RNG International Educational Consultants

More and more people are entering the business of International educational consulting (IEC), which means that students and families must choose their consultants wisely. It’s not only important that personalities, values and styles of communication click, but also that the consultants are qualified. We are listed on the Independent Educational Consultants Association website. The IEC’s who are part of this association have already been vetted.

You are making a wise choice by choosing us to help you in making the best choices! However, don’t just take our word for it- do your homework. Knowledge is power, and when it comes to our children we all want to make the wisest choices.

About Us:

Rebecca Grappo

Rebecca founded RNG International Educational Consultants. Becky Grappo has had the great opportunity to share her expertise and insights of the global educational consulting industry in a number of important interviews:

Michelle Grappo

Michelle Grappo (Ed.M., NCSP) is an Associate Therapeutic and Educational Consultant with RNG International Educational Consultants LLC™. She works with families on boarding schools and therapeutic programs for both typical and special needs students. She also works with struggling young adults and post-secondary planning for young adults with intellectual disabilities and special needs.

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RNG: Transforming live through expert educational guidance and innovative solutions


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