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Rebecca founded RNG International Educational Consultants for two reasons: first, she identified the need for families to have expert comprehensive educational planning, whether they are staying in their home town or moving their children around the world. Secondly, she is passionate about helping each child or adolescent to realize their individual potential. She knows a child’s future can be hugely influenced – for good or for bad – by the educational decisions they and their parents make along the way. When kids are in the right school or college for them, they thrive. When they are in the wrong environment, or lack the ability to manage their current environment, life can be unnecessarily difficult. Sometimes the consequences of not having their academic, social or emotional needs met can be quite serious. Therefore, before understanding what we do and what makes us experts, it’s probably even more important to understand WHY we do it. Whether the young person lives down the street, across the country, or in Mongolia, we are on a mission to help kids grow and succeed!

You can see her Bio and LinkedIn profile to read more about her education, experience and qualifications.