Pre-COVID Travel

International flags fly over Verde Valley School in Sedona, Arizona

We travel constantly to see schools and programs, and early 2020 (pre-Covid) was no exception. Funnily enough, because of various personal reasons, there was a sense of urgency and they started off the year with a whirlwind of travel. Today we are so grateful for these experiences so that we can bring this information to families.

In January, we first went to Hawaii to make a site visit to a therapeutic program, and on the way back, Becky visited two boarding schools and three therapeutic programs in northern Arizona. Meanwhile, Michelle hopped over to Utah where she visited five programs in three days. Different trips have different purposes and themes, and this time Michelle visited multiple schools for young men on the Autism Spectrum. She even got to visit with three of her long-time students, her favorite part of the job.

Pre-COVID travel
Michelle touring boarding schools in London

The following week Michelle scooted down to Fountain Valley School in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where the admissions team organized a wonderful day of meeting with the Headmaster, heads of counseling and learning support, and a student tour — and a delicious lunch in the cafeteria.

The first week in February, Becky made a quick trip to central Florida. She visited Rollins College to see the new construction there, and Florida Southern University which has many buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

During Spring Lockdown 2020…

Though some of our travel plans had to be cancelled due to travel restrictions, we have participated in numerous virtual tours sponsored by their professional association, IECA. Virtual tours included therapeutic programs, boarding schools, and universities across the US and around the world. Though it was not the same as being there in person, it was good to know that we could continue our own professional development and keep abreast of changes.

What’s next for RNG travel…

pre-COVID travel
Michelle and Becky touring TASIS boarding school in England

Most programs and schools are still not ready to have outside visitors on site for visits. As such, we will hold off on future travel until we get the “all clear”. But you can be sure that once we can, we will be on the road again. Until that day comes, we are grateful that we had the opportunity to tour in January and February, and we are eager to share what we learned with our families!

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