The Experience: Our International Boarding School Consultants

International boarding school consultants

Studying abroad can be one of the most incredible and memorable educational opportunities a student can experience. It allows the student to not only see different parts of the world but also submerses them into new cultures and ideologies that will have a lasting impact throughout their lives. Unfortunately not many students have the opportunity to experience this dynamic. But it is certainly one that should be considered. As exciting as studying abroad can be there are a lot of factors that go into making the most of it, specifically when it comes to boarding school. Understanding the school culture, the values the school embodies, and the other attending students play a major role in choosing the right school; and international boarding school consultants can help you find the right fit overseas.

Unlike local or regional boarding schools, visiting and considering international boarding schools can be very time consuming and expensive. This is why it is imperative to have help from an international boarding school consultant such as RNG International. We have done the research, made the connections, and traveled internationally to see first hand the cultural and educational advantages that each of these schools embody. We’re often the international or expat family’s eyes and ears throughout the entire research and admissions process. This includes managing travel arrangements, visas, test preparation, teacher recommendations, transcripts and so on.

Our Certified Educational Planner Rebecca Grappo has over a decade of experience in the world of boarding school admissions and research as well as having had her own child in boarding school. Recently Rebecca returned from an extensive trip visiting eight Swiss boarding schools. Not only did she experience the incredible Swiss scenery and culture but she also got to know eight entirely different schools, each with their own culture, curriculum, history, student body, and ethos. Whether in Switzerland or elsewhere, it is beneficial that all of these very important factors are taken into deep consideration.

What to Expect from International Boarding Schools

Unique Cultural Experiences

When students attend an international boarding school, they can be sure to find new and exciting cultural experience all around them. It is important for students to encounter cultures and customs different from their own in order to grow and learn about the world around them. International boarding schools offer a range of different activities that immerse the student in the traditions of the country they are temporarily calling home.

In Rebecca’s two-part blog on Swiss boarding schools, she discusses how these schools take advantage of their seasons by giving students the opportunity to engage in winter sports like skiing, sports they might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience. Other schools offered hundreds of individual music lessons to students each year in order to expand their learning and understanding.

International boarding schools also will offer students the opportunity to go on field trips around the country. This experience gives students a taste of the customs and traditions of their new home.

Intensive Learning Techniques

International boarding schools consultants can also help students find the school that best fits their learning capabilities. Many of these boarding schools have intensive teaching techniques that include hands-on activities to help ensure the student is getting the best education possible.

The teachers at these international boarding schools often have degrees in the fields that they are teaching, and some even have advanced degrees in the subjects they are passionate about. This means that boarding schools are extremely selective in who they hire to educate their students.

International boarding schools are also known for challenging their students with amount of academic work that is required. These schools have one ultimate goal, and that is to ensure their students get into good colleges. This means that they will work students harder in the classroom by challenging them to expand their learning. They will go more in-depth on topics to give students further insight on subjects that will help develop their understanding of the world.

Diversified Student Body

One of the great things about going to an international boarding school is that students will learn from each other. With a students coming from all over the world, they will be able to learn about each other’s customs, cultures, ideals, and learning techniques in order to become well-rounded students. Public schools are often diverse, but in a different way from international boarding schools. These schools offer students the chance to interact and make friends with students from around the globe. The connections made within these schools could last a lifetime, and give students a chance to experience even more by learning from one another.

If you are looking into sending your student to an international boarding school, contact RNG International to speak to one of our international boarding school consultants.