Supporting Geographic Diversity at U.S Boarding Schools


RNG International hosted a wonderful breakfast last week in Denver with over 40 independent school admission officers seeking to continue to diversify their student body socioeconomically, racially and geographically.

Attending the morning information sessions put together by Michelle Grappo and Rebecca Grappo were representatives from: Northeastern independent boarding schools such as Hotchkiss, Vermont Academy, Governor’s Academy, St Marks, St John’s and Lawrenceville; schools local to our area such as Fountain Valley School and Steamboat Mountain School; and West Coast school, the Dunn School in California.

Top of mind for many was the fact that over the last decade, domestic enrollments for  U.S. boarding schools have declined. While this drop has been offset, in part, by increased international applications, efforts to attract students from across the United States continue to be critically important to admissions.img_6093

The morning’s discussion offered an opportunity for RNG and for admissions officers to share perspectives on how we, as a professional community, can better communicate not only the long-term benefits of boarding school to potential applicants both domestically and abroad, but also how potential applicants from diverse backgrounds – both geographic and socioeconomic – can become better apprised of the wide selection of exceptional U.S. boarding schools and their offerings.

Also stressed was the importance of what we, at RNG, like to call fit and match – making sure that prospective students target schools that best align to their strengths and needs.

The morning of conversation and connecting was indeed a great success! Thank you to all our attendees for being a part of this valuable and important conversation.

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