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RNG International Transforming Lives
Through expert educational guidance and innovative solutions


The mission of RNG International Educational Consultants is to transform lives and provide innovative solutions through expert educational advice for students and families around the world.

RNG International was founded to fill an important need – for students and families to have a place where they can get expert comprehensive educational planning and innovative, effective solutions. We have seen again and again how the right school or program can make all the difference for a child, adolescent or young adult, and we work to fill that important need. Our families come from across the United States as well as around the world and RNG has finely tuned their ability to work with students and parents no matter where they are.


RNG International works with a wide variety of students and families from across the United States. From New York to Hawaii, we can serve their needs no matter where they are.


At RNG International, we firmly believe working with international students as well as Third Culture Kids (TCKs) is both the same and different from advising domestic students. There are many similarities when working with all students, yet there are many ways in which the needs of international students and TCKs are unique. That is why we are internationally recognized for our expertise in working with this special population of students and families.

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