Education consultants can provide all the information you and your student need during the college application process.

education consultant

Education consultants help students identify their interests, talents, and academic needs, so the student finds the right college for them. There are many situations that parents need to be aware of that show it is time to visit an education consultant.

The Summer Going Into Senior Year

Most college applications open up in the middle of the summer. This means that the summer in between junior and senior year of high school is an important time to start visiting education consultants. Consultants help students focus on the application process as a whole, and create a basic plan for how the student will tackle applications. The Common Application can be daunting for students new to the processes, and education consultants can explain the website and how everything works.

When Your Student is Overwhelmed with the Application Process

As mentioned before, the application process can be extremely overwhelming. Most colleges use the common application, but there are many schools that have their own application websites. When students are juggling school, sports, clubs, extra curricular activities, and college applications, they can get anxious or start falling behind.

That’s when the education consultant steps in. These consultants can help balance the students application schedule by creating hard deadlines and check lists for everything they need to complete, including:

  • Essays
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Scholarship Applications
  • Common Application
  • Transcript Requests

They also help to explain how different application website work, when certain applications are due, how to write a proper college essay, and what they should add to the application to make sure it is ready to go.

When Your Student is Struggling to Find the Right School

Some students have a difficult time finding the colleges they want to apply to. There are over 2000 4-year colleges in the United States, The Princeton Review on average only includes analysis of around 350 schools, and there are thousands of community colleges and 2-year institutions. That is a lot of information to look through when you are trying to find the right handful for your needs.

Education consultants are trained to identify the students educational and occupational goals, wants, and needs to find the best schools for them. They can help students weave through the thousands of schools to find the select few that not only will fulfill those educational necessities, but also will have a good chance at accepting the student.

Many students make the mistake of applying to schools that may be out of their reach. This could be because of academic rigor, majors and minors offered, or, if your student is an athlete, the athletic competition is too high. Education consultants make sure that the schools your student applies to have everything they need, and are the right fit for both the student and the college.

When Your Student is Not Sure What to Study

More often than not, students exiting high school are not entirely sure what they want to study in college. There is a lot of pressure to know exactly what you want to do, so students who do not know can feel insecure about their college decisions. An education consultant will not tell your student what he or she should study, rather, the consultant will help the student identify their passions and talents so that the student can make a clearer decision.

An education consultant will also discuss whether community college or trade school are better options for the student than a 4-year college. Community colleges are a great starting point for students who have not found their true passions yet. These colleges give students the freedom to explore their interests while also finishing some general education requirements. The goal of most community colleges is not just to get the student an AA degree, but also to send them off the a 4-year to finish their bachelors.

When Your Student has Special Academic Needs

There are certain colleges out there that specialize in education for students with learning disorders. If your student has ADHD, Dyslexia, is hearing or vision impaired, or has any other learning disabilities, an education consultant can help your student find a school that will cater to their needs. There are many schools that have specialized programs for students, including tutoring centers, academic disability policies, and individualized counseling.

RNG International has education consultants who are ready to help your child thrive during the college application process. To contact a consultant about your student, visit the RNG contact page, or call 720-627-6940.