Emergency Virtual Education Services

Programming designed to support students’ individual needs and goals while sheltering in place

This spring, we are offering individualized programming for students and their families looking to supplement, or even supplant, their current homeschool.     

Either a single tutor (generally better for lower age ranges) or a specialized package of tutors (better for advanced scholars/older students) that have experience tutoring online and can motivate and guide your child through this challenging time. While the degree of motivation versus academic guidance varies greatly from student to student, we act as both coaches and instructors, guiding students through academic material, but also working with them to organize their time, their materials, and their lives generally to better address their academics. If it is a high-level instructor that you seek to guide your child through this time, look no further.

We offer very flexible scheduling to assist with the ever-evolving realities of lives spent indoors with family and online with the world.  Days, evenings, and weekends are all possible. Tutoring hours can be purchased in package rates in advance for the week of service.

We can provide designed courses and original material, or simple course assistance for those in need of supplemental guidance.

It’s been a difficult time for all, and our hearts go out to all of us stranded around the country lacking in educational resources. Let’s get through this together.  

Ask about our special needs tutors who work with children with attentional, executive functioning, and other neurodevelopmentally-based learning challenges.  

For more information or to schedule services please contact us

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 720-627-6940