Often RNG International Educational Consultants LLC™ is contacted by families when things are not working out as well as they had hoped. They are unsure of the next steps to take. They are at the point we call, “survive or thrive.”

When we at RNG see a discouraged learner, we wonder what factors led the student to this point. Most importantly, we see a young person who rightfully should get their dreams back.

A young person’s life can change with the right educational setting and with the right kind of help — the gifted student is free to be themselves and pursue their passions, the underachiever finds their motivation again, the child with a learning difference finds the setting that helps them to thrive, not just survive.

We want to hear kids say, “I love this school,” and then talk about their futures with great enthusiasm. Every child has gifts – our mission is to find them and maximize their potential.

When parenting, not all situations are just about changing schools, but about finding a way through a particular challenge. If you are overseas, transition to a new assignment with a strategy in hand for your child’s success in education is key. If you are in the United States, finding solutions to situations that occur in American public schools is also key to success.

Additionally, when parenting, not all situations are just about changing schools for the children. It can be very important to find a way through a particular challenge that the child or family might be experiencing in their current setting. We have also had vast experience helping families transition to a new assignment, or find solutions to situations that occur in the international or American public schools.

We invite you to contact RNG for more information about how we can assist you and your family at this point in time, and most importantly, with your child’s educational goals in mind.