Finding the Right Educational Fit for International Students

international education consultants

Choosing the right college, university or boarding school can be an exciting and strenuous time as well as a, major undertaking for both students and their families. There are many different academic considerations to take into account in addition to, other factors such as: the culture, location, extra-curricular opportunities, mission, worldview, etc. of each institution. Furthermore, students and families interested in seeking education internationally face these same issues and more in their search for the right educational fit abroad. Working with a dynamic team of industry-leading international education consultants in facing these challenges has proven effective for the countless students and families that RNG International has and continues to serve. We are known around the world as the leading experts in educational planning for our work with all kinds of international students, expat families, and Third Culture Kids (TCKs).

While designing a course to teach other consultants how to work with international students for the University of California – Irvine Extension, RNG International founder Rebecca Grappo identified the following primary and unique concerns that international students and TCK’s face when coming to the United States for educational purposes.

  • Cultural differences
  • Understanding American universities and colleges from a foreign point-of-view
  • Adjustment issues
  • How different universities approach international recruiting and care for their students throughout the process
  • Obtaining transcripts and letters of recommendations, even in different languages
  • Writing essays
  • Financial concerns
  • Obtaining student visas
  • Transitioning to American universities from abroad and vice-versa

These concerns and the underlying details that accompany each one often exceed the scope of what a student and their families have the time or knowledge to tackle alone. Each institution has it’s own timeline, criteria, and process of application. This is where RNG International can help. Throughout our extensive experience and international travel we have become very familiar with the particulars of international educational placement. We have visited and connected with numerous colleges, universities and boarding schools throughout the United States and abroad. We have met and spoke with their admissions teams, toured the grounds, observed the culture, examined the strengths and weaknesses and have documented the characteristics of each institution and what type of students they would best serve.

“When kids are in the right school or college for them, they thrive. When they are in the wrong environment, or lack the ability to manage their current environment, life can be unnecessarily difficult. Sometimes the consequences of not having their academic, social or emotional needs met can be quite serious. Therefore, before understanding what we do and what makes us experts, it’s probably even more important to understand WHY we do it. Whether the young person lives down the street, across the country, or in Mongolia, we are on a mission to help kids grow and succeed!” – Rebecca Grappo, Founder of RNG International

At RNG International we pride ourselves in being able to guide our clients through the educational placement process with knowledge, understanding, and ease. Choosing the right college, university, or boarding school no longer has to be an overwhelming guessing game. We have done the legwork for you in order to present the best educational choices available to accommodate whatever dreams, desires, needs and circumstances surround your decision. Our guiding philosophy is that making the right educational choice is based on knowing and understanding individual student needs. Let’s get to know each other and start making the best decisions possible for you, a loved one or your family. Contact us at [email protected] to find out how we can help you get on the right path.

Rebecca Grappo has lived in 11 countries outside of the United States. She has been on the faculty of American international schools and worked on education issues for the U.S. Department of State. She is the former chairperson of the Global Consulting Committee for the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), a member of the Overseas Association of College Admissions Counselors (OACAC), and has led the International Taskforce for IECA. Rebecca is an active member on the Advisory Board of the Foreign Service Youth Foundation where she gives an annual college workshop. Rebecca is also on the board of directors of the Families in Global Transition. She has raised her three young adult children abroad and is very much aware of the unique issues related to TCKs. Her reputation for working with international students and TCKs is widely recognized by the families she has worked with and by her professional peers.