This past week, approximately fifty Colorado boarding schools admissions officers came for fairs in Boulder, Denver, and Aspen.

Usually Becky and I are visiting boarding schools on their home turf. But as school officers began to ask to meet with us, Becky and I had a thought: what if, this time, we invited schools to “our place” for a change? Typically when we visit schools, a tour will include the opportunity to get to know people over a hot meal on campus.

So what better way to get to know schools than an autumnal open house with breakfast?

An invite went out…

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.55.33 AM

And RSVP’s came in:

  • Avon Old Farms
  • Berkshire School
  • Bishops College School
  • Brewster Academy
  • Chatham Hall
  • Cheshire Academy
  • Choate Rosemary Hall
  • Cushing Academy
  • Deerfield Academy
  • Ecole d’Humanité
  • Fountain Valley School
  • Foxcroft School
  • Fryeburg Academy
  • Governor’s Academy
  • Groton School
  • Holderness School
  • Kent School
  • Knox School
  • Lawrenceville School
  • Madeira School
  • Masters School
  • Millbrook School
  • Miss Hall’s School
  • Northfield Mount Hermon School
  • Ojai Valley School
  • Peddie School
  • Phillips Academy Andover
  • Pomfret School
  • Proctor Academy
  • Putney School
  • Santa Catalina School
  • Squaw Valley School
  • St. Marks School
  • St. Paul’s School
  • Steamboat Mountain School
  • Tabor Academy
  • Taft School
  • Trinity Pawling.
  • Vermont Academy
  • Westminster
  • Westover School
  • Woodberry Forest School

We also invited local day schools, and were honored to be joined by the principal of Graland Country Day School.

Your hostesses…


People mingled while sipping hot coffee (with optional delicious pumpkin spice creamer) and nibbling on Greek yogurt with granola. Bagels with lox were on hand too.


Lawrenceville and Madeira representatives, smiling despite the early hour!



Too much coffee for me? Luckily lovely company with Choate and Andover folks.
Foxcroft and St. Mark’s School
Lucy from Madeira and me-- glad to have my alma mater here
Lucy from Madeira and me– glad to have my alma mater here
Tabor and Squaw Valley
Squaw Valley and L’Ecole
Miss Hall’s and Brewster Academy
Berkshire and Westminster
Cushing, Knox School and Millbrook
Becky and Drew from Vermont Academy
Becky, Dana from Berkshire and Beth from Westover

All together it was a great morning with wonderful company, interesting conversations about education, and delicious food.

To every boarding school representative who came to Colorado and joined us, a big thank you!

Boarding schools offer a world of educational opportunities and we want to spread the word about these incredible institutions to families here (and beyond!).

If you live in Colorado and missed the boarding school fairs, know that they will be back next year! The fairs occur within the first week of October and are hosted by Boulder Country Day in Boulder, St. Anne’s Episcopal and Graland Country Day School in Denver, and Aspen Country Day School in Aspen. Information can also be found from the Association of Colorado Independent Schools.

You can also shoot us an email ( or call us for more information: 720-627-6940.

And a special thank you to our friends and colleagues at Shift Workspaces here in Denver, where we love having office space and hosting events!


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