COVID-19 Education Updates

COVID-19 and Education

A Court Orders The University of California Not to use the SAT or ACT During the Pandemic

This admissions season, the prestigious University of California system won’t be able to consider standardized tests when it evaluates applicants.

Forbes Article

Tracking Coronavirus Cases at U.S. Colleges and Universities – by The New York Times

“As college students and professors return to campus in the midst of a pandemic, coronavirus cases are turning up by the thousands”.

The New York Times article

Be Prepared for COVID in College

In these uncertain times, the possibility exists that your child may test positive for COVID, and have to leave their dorm and move to a quarantine location. It’s probably a VERY GOOD idea to have a pre-packed quarantine bag in their closet.

Be Prepared for COVID in College

My Son Tested Positive for COVID 11 Days After Leaving the Nest

Check out this article from a mother who”s child tested positive for COVID while at his dorm in college. Great advice for parents and students to read

NBC News Article

NACAC- College Admission Status Update 2.0: Coronavirus Impact

NACAC’s College Admission Status Update is a central resource of information about changes in college admission as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

College Admission Status Update 2.0: Coronavirus Impact

NY Times Article: COVID Tests & Quarantines – Colleges Brace for an Uncertain Fall

The NY Times gives the latest update on colleges around the world

Colleges Brace for and Uncertain Fall

Chronicle of Higher Education Article: Here’s Our New List of Colleges’ Reopening Plans

“The coronavirus pandemic has left higher-education leaders facing difficult decisions about when to reopen campuses and how to go about it. Since April, The Chronicle has tracked individual colleges’ plans, generating a list of more than 1,250 institutions.”

“Here’s Our New List of Colleges’ Reopening Plans” – must set up an account to view the college list

College Admissions & COVID-19

In April, the Foreign Service Journal asked Rebecca to respond to the changes in the college admissions landscape as a response to COVID-19 in an article which was published in the June Education Supplement.

“College Admissions and COVID-19: An Evolving Landscape”

Therapeutic Schools & Boarding Schools

Michelle posted a blog titled “Education Vs. Coronavirus: June Edition” discussing updates in both therapeutic and boarding schools. Check it out!

Boarding Schools & Therapeutic Schools: Are They Open?

Four Scenarios That Colleges Are Considering

“What can you expect this fall going to back to school?” Becky wrote in her latest blog about four possible scenarios being considered by colleges and Universities around the U.S.

“What to Expect This Fall for American Colleges and Universities”

RNG Newsletter: Education Insider

Check out the July edition of RNG’s Newsletter: Education Insider. Read about all things education, COVID, and more!

RNG Newsletter: Education vs. coronavirus and more!

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A Career Coach’s Take on YouScience
April 12, 2021

by Tara Randolph What is YouScience YouScience’s Aptitude and Career Discovery is an assessment that students can take to learn more about how their interests and aptitudes relate to potential college majors and career paths. YouScience puts students through a number of assessments with different focuses, some focusing more on reading comprehension, visual patterns, math,…

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Your College Major Does Not Equal a Set Career, and That’s a Good Thing!
January 21, 2021

We’ve heard from tons of students that choosing a major is one of the most stressful and difficult decisions of their college career. It is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but we are here to help take some of the stress off of the importance of your choice. Life is stressful enough,…

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Touring Colleges
December 31, 2020

How to Tour a College Online – Pandemic Version One ritual that many families undertake each year is the trek to visit college campuses so that students can see for themselves what they like and don’t like, and can start to really imagine themselves as a college student on a particular campus.  The Great Pandemic…

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Therapeutic Options for Young Adults
December 22, 2020

Therapeutic Options for Young Adults: when things don’t go as planned By Rebecca Grappo, M.Ed., Certified Educational Planner and founder of RNG International Educational Consultants, LLC When most students think about college, they envision a future filled with the excitement of a newfound independence, fun peers, interesting classes that will prepare them for their futures,…

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To Mrs. Grappo Thank you so much. It’s hard to understand how a person I have never met has saved my life, but that is certainly what you have done. If I had not gone to this school, my life would have been so much darker and dreadful. But you were able to open the…

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I know I have already thanked you before for everything you did to assist us, but I wanted to share this with you since I suppose it can never hurt to be told more than once that you make a difference in people’s lives.

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One more thing before I control the flood of words here.  You are amazing.  You’re so much more than I could ever have hoped for.  I think you have a gift for this work and I’m so thankful we get to share in it.

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A young man, 18, was admitted into a very selective and competitive college. However, having just been diagnosed with ADD, he was overwhelmed with all the independence, lack of structure, freedom, and new responsibilities. By the end of first term, he was nearing failure. It was imperative to get him in touch with student counseling…

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A fifteen year old male student was extremely bright, but also had major struggles with ADD, depression, and behavior issues at school, resulting in numerous suspensions. The relationship at home was fraught with conflict and the family was at the breaking point. He was belligerent about the thought of going to boarding school, and opposed…

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A young man, 15, started looking for a boarding school for his junior and senior years. He had everything going for him – stellar resume, grades, sports, and personality. The conversation focused on just how much academic pressure he was willing to take on. He was adamant he wanted to push himself, and was given…

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A young woman of 17 moved to a remote location for what would have been her senior year of high school. She had never lived overseas before, and her school only offered the International Baccalaureate program. Therefore, she was put back a year to start the IB curriculum. She was miserable, and things finally reached…

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A family with a son who had significant development delays contacted me regarding life as an internationally mobile family and wondered about embarking on such a lifestyle. We spent hours of counseling up front while they were still in their home environments, and the family prepared to homeschool their son, knowing few schools overseas would…

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A family with two employed parents was suddenly separated by an evacuation, leaving them with some important decisions to make quickly regarding the children’s education. The older daughter remained in her boarding school and became the school’s star student; the younger one remained with mom and came back to the U.S. The father remained overseas…

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A sixteen year old girl came to me feeling very depressed and uninspired by school. Her mother was extremely concerned by her lack of engagement. This girl was extremely bright but did not do well in a traditional setting. Her mother said her creative side needed to be encouraged in order to get her engaged…

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I wanted to tell you I spent last weekend in Arizona having a reunion of friends from Beijing days 20 years ago…..and guess who was there…a dear friend…..I said, you don’t happen to know Becky Grappo and her words, exactly, “She saved my life!!!!” I thought you would like to know that….she is in fine…

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Speaking of professionals, please accept my sincere gratitude for your brilliant work. This all really started happening after you challenged our son to give you something concrete to work with. Your strategy was perfectly planned and executed. Good Show!

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I just wanted to thank you for getting me through the most painful and difficult thing I have ever had to do.  I know that there is a lot of work to be done but I feel we are finally on the right track. I know that you put a lot of effort into helping…

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My husband and I cannot thank you enough for coming through for our son, when he needed someone like yourself to come for his rescue. Our son is a changed young man – full of confidence and joys of life. It is simply wonderful to see him doing so well and it is all thanks to you.

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My son is doing incredible!! I cannot believe the difference in him. He still has a way to go, but he even knows it and he is just so open and honest with us and himself. I am proud of him. Thank God for all of you that help us realize that we and our kids…

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I will take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance and support over the last few months. This period could have been most stressful but was not due to your support, cool guidance and highly professional approach.

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I have seen a lot of maturity and sense of responsibility in him. No matter how much I miss him not having him home with the family, both his father and I realize that sending him to boarding school was the best things that we have done for him. The staff is wonderful at his…

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I don’t think I have adequately thanked you for the superb work you did for us this past year. We went from being nowhere, to getting our son into some excellent, superb schools. You should be so proud of what you do, because it’s clearly an art. No rules, but a lot of gut feelings….

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You have already helped him, by giving him hope that his unique voice can be heard and celebrated. Thank you so much for that gift!

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I wanted to thank you for your helpful emails and staying in contact with me even now that I’m in college. I wanted to at least give you a quick reply and let you know that I’m loving it here at my college and feel like it is the perfect place for me. More than anything,…

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I would like to thank you personally for everything you’ve done for our son, actually for both my children. My husband and I were have been suffering (not so silently) for the past month with our son and his essays, or their non-existence. Even though we felt he had good chances of getting in, one…

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I just want to make the point of thanking you formally for all the great work that you did with our son this last year! It was wonderful and so reassuring to know that you were there with him throughout the whole process of university applications. We all know it can be stressful for most and…

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I just wanted to let you know I could not do any of this without you, and I am so thankful for someone that cared enough to help me become successful.

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I gotta say I couldn’t have done it without you.

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