COVID-19 and Education

A Court Orders The University of California Not to use the SAT or ACT During the Pandemic

This admissions season, the prestigious University of California system won’t be able to consider standardized tests when it evaluates applicants.

Forbes Article

Tracking Coronavirus Cases at U.S. Colleges and Universities – by The New York Times

“As college students and professors return to campus in the midst of a pandemic, coronavirus cases are turning up by the thousands”.

The New York Times article

Be Prepared for COVID in College

In these uncertain times, the possibility exists that your child may test positive for COVID, and have to leave their dorm and move to a quarantine location. It’s probably a VERY GOOD idea to have a pre-packed quarantine bag in their closet.

Be Prepared for COVID in College

My Son Tested Positive for COVID 11 Days After Leaving the Nest

Check out this article from a mother who”s child tested positive for COVID while at his dorm in college. Great advice for parents and students to read

NBC News Article

NACAC- College Admission Status Update 2.0: Coronavirus Impact

NACAC’s College Admission Status Update is a central resource of information about changes in college admission as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

College Admission Status Update 2.0: Coronavirus Impact

NY Times Article: COVID Tests & Quarantines – Colleges Brace for an Uncertain Fall

The NY Times gives the latest update on colleges around the world

Colleges Brace for and Uncertain Fall

Chronicle of Higher Education Article: Here’s Our New List of Colleges’ Reopening Plans

“The coronavirus pandemic has left higher-education leaders facing difficult decisions about when to reopen campuses and how to go about it. Since April, The Chronicle has tracked individual colleges’ plans, generating a list of more than 1,250 institutions.”

“Here’s Our New List of Colleges’ Reopening Plans” – must set up an account to view the college list

College Admissions & COVID-19

In April, the Foreign Service Journal asked Rebecca to respond to the changes in the college admissions landscape as a response to COVID-19 in an article which was published in the June Education Supplement.

“College Admissions and COVID-19: An Evolving Landscape”

Therapeutic Schools & Boarding Schools

Michelle posted a blog titled “Education Vs. Coronavirus: June Edition” discussing updates in both therapeutic and boarding schools. Check it out!

Boarding Schools & Therapeutic Schools: Are They Open?

Four Scenarios That Colleges Are Considering

“What can you expect this fall going to back to school?” Becky wrote in her latest blog about four possible scenarios being considered by colleges and Universities around the U.S.

“What to Expect This Fall for American Colleges and Universities”

RNG Newsletter: Education Insider

Check out the July edition of RNG’s Newsletter: Education Insider. Read about all things education, COVID, and more!

RNG Newsletter: Education vs. coronavirus and more!