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The Value of College Consultants in Denver

The college application process is one of the most difficult journeys in a child’s life, but advising with college consultants can make the challenge less daunting. The value of hiring a consultant is incalculable because they offer so many benefits to both the parents and the child during this hectic time. So why should parents invest in college consulting for their child? Because consultants are personal, helpful, and they help steer the student towards the right college.

Individualized Counseling
One of the biggest advantages to hiring a consultant is the private, one-on-one counseling your child will receive.

High school guidance counselors attend to many children, especially during the stressful days leading up to application deadlines.

A college consultant, on the other hand, gets to know your child, his or her strengths as a student, and what he or she wants out of a college education.

This individualized counseling helps the student find the right colleges to apply for based on:

This kind of private counseling can help your student apply to the right colleges, and in turn, get accepted to those colleges.

Help the Student Throughout the Application Process

Another value of hiring a counselor is the step-by-step guidance.

A college consultant is there to help your child through every section of the college application process, from selecting the right colleges to apply for, to crafting a well-balanced application. The consultant is there to make sure your student does not miss a beat during college applications.

This is especially advantageous due to the differences in deadlines from school to school. Some applications are due well before, or well after other applications. It is the job of the consultant to know when all the deadlines are to ensure that the student is ready to go when the clock strokes midnight.

It is also their duty to craft a schedule for the student so that they do not compromise school during the application process. So many students wait until the last minute to begin applications, but with the help of a consultant, they can finish the application one step at a time, right on time.

It’s Not About the School, It is About the Child.

Yes, every parent wants their child to go to Harvard or Princeton or Yale, but that does not mean that those schools are the perfect school for your child.

College consultants assess the student’s skills, talents, passions, and aspirations, and use these qualities to help them find the school that is right for them. At the end of the day, you want your child to not just receive an education, but also enjoy receiving an education.

Quality of Submissions, Not Quantity of Submissions

Let’s set the record straight. If a student applies to more schools, it is not guaranteed that they will be accepted to more schools.

A college application should be thorough, well written, and reflective of the student’s talents and strengths. In summation, it is about the quality of the application, not the quantity.

Hiring a consultant can help ensure that your student’s application is of the highest quality. As previously mentioned, the consultant’s ability to identify the student’s talents, passions, and dreams is extremely valuable. This is because it is the job of the consultant to help the student reflect these traits onto their application.

The college application process is not just the student trying to find the right school, but also the school trying to find the right students. Applying to 20 colleges may seem like it is increasing the odds of acceptance, but in reality, it is better to apply to a few schools that you know are a good fit for the child. Plus, this practice saves money as applications have increased in cost over the years.

They Will Not Do the Work for the Child

One common misconception about college consultants is that they fill out the application for the student. This is simply not true.

College consultants understand the importance of having the students do the work themselves. The fact of the matter is, no one knows the child more than the child does. Consultants will not write the essay for the student because it is important for the college to see how well the student will or will not fit into their culture. If the consultant does the work for the child, then the application will not accurately reflect the child’s personality. This can be a large deterrent for colleges. They can tell the difference between a student-written essay and an adult-written essay.

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The overall value of hiring a college consultant is obvious. College applications are tough, there is no doubting that, and consultants help relieve some of the stress and frustration that can come with the process. With a little bit of time, and a lot of dedication, a college consultant can assist your child in finding the right school.

To get valuable guidance on the college application process, contact RNG International to talk to a college consultant in Denver.