Talking to Children and Teens About Being Different
February 3, 2015

I was 7 when we moved from Portugal back to Washington, D.C. On the first day of school, I immediately knew that I was different. Even though I was only in second grade, I recognized that most of the kids had known each other what seemed to be their whole lives. I don’t remember feeling…

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Helping International Students Find a Good College
October 21, 2013

Almost all the parents with whom I work tell me that they just want their child to go to a “good” college. However, when asked to define the term, they have a harder time explaining what they mean by a “good” college other than they saw the name in a ranking list . I understand…

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College-Bound TCK or International Student? Here’s Another Way to Think About Summer
February 21, 2013

One thing on the mind of many high school students is what to do to be more ready for college, or “how to look good” for college. (Or if you aren’t thinking about it yet, maybe you should!) If you want to do something productive with your summers in order to “look good” for colleges,…

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Is There a College for D Students?
November 2, 2011

A colleague asked me that question this morning. Seems the young man she is working with is “not working up to his potential”. I see this so often that I am dropping everything to write about this very important topic. I work with all kinds of kids, from the superstars going to top tier colleges…

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5 Tips for Surviving THE WORST ROOMMATE EVER, Part 2: The Best Friend/Roommate Tango
September 27, 2011

by Kristina Grappo, guest blogger, TCK, and recent grad. Read Part 1 here. Congratulations! You survived your freshman year roommate, and you have graduated onto sophomore status… This means parties in the quad, later class times in the morning, and looking at those incoming freshmen carrying 50 pounds worth of books in their backpacks thinking,…

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5 Tips for Surviving THE WORST ROOMMATE EVER
August 27, 2011

by Kristina Grappo, guest blogger, TCK, and recent grad. It’s freshman move-in day. You’re the first person to your room. You’re finally able to get rid of your parents. Bed Bath and Beyond trip? Check. Last minute trip to the grocery store to stock up on granola bars, Easy Mac, and Ramen? Check! Congratulations, you…

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