Back to School Shopping: Graduate Level Organization 101
August 6, 2014

Heading off to boarding school this fall? College? Even graduate school? I am sure you are in the thick of back to school shopping. There’s just something about it. A fresh start. New beginnings. And that’s just the shoes! I have written about my personal tips for surviving and thriving in a rigorous academic setting…

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ADHD “Diagnosis” & Boarding Schools for ADHD FAQ (Part 1 of 3)
April 23, 2014

Is your child struggling with attention issues? Planning? Short-term memory? Perhaps he or she has been diagnoses with Executive Function Disorder (EFD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD). First off, I will step onto my soapbox briefly. With all due respect to the DSM, I don’t care for diagnoses. I think they have a place in an initial stage of…

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How I Survived Grad School with a Learning Difference (and Overachieving Perfectionitis)
November 26, 2013

Although I have worked with students and their families for years on self-advocacy around learning differences, I rarely discuss my own history. This is partly because I do not wish to shift the attention to myself and partly because my identity as a learner is so much more than my deficits. Still, I am coming…

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What Having Learning Disabilities and International School Attendance Means for Self-Esteem and Future Plans
January 15, 2011

Today I just finished reading a college essay written by one of my students about coping with learning differences in an international school that refuses to acknowledge or accept learning disabilities in its students. In her poignant essay, this B/C student writes about how hard she worked to keep up with the other students, and…

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