How to Find a Good Tutor When You’re Living Abroad
August 10, 2011

Guest blogger Rebecca Zook writes on how to find a good tutor when living overseas. Trying to find a qualified tutor while living abroad can sometimes leave expat parents feeling lost. Whether you’re searching for a precalculus tutor in Beijing or a reading tutor in the UAE, here are some tips on how to find…

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Why a Sudden Departure from Home is a Big Hairy Deal
January 30, 2011

I watch the events in Egypt unfold, my thoughts are with the thousands of expat children and families who are living in Egypt as well as their Egyptian friends and playmates. Maybe others are thinking about the political implications of this open rebellion, but I’m thinking about the many families who may be ordered to…

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I’ll Be Home for Christmas But Only in the Expat’s Dreams
December 24, 2010

When Bing Crosby first crooned the lyrics, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”, I wonder if he ever dreamed it would become a seasonal theme song for expats and their families who might sing, I’ll be home for Christmas but only in the expat’s dreams. As I watched the news last week of thousands of stranded…

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Overseas Families Need to Care About the College Visit
November 22, 2010

This last year alone, I did over 100 campus visits. That’s a lot of time and expense spent on travel! So why do I do it? Because there is no better way to get a feel for what an educational institution is all about. And for my families living outside the U.S. who can’t so…

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6 Things I Learned about International Mobility, Transitions, and TCKs
November 12, 2010

Let’s face it. International moves – at least the tasks involved with moving – are really never much fun. Putting your life in boxes, then shipping it around the world, is a major and stressful event. And add children to the mix, and it truly is a major upheaval for everyone in the family. This…

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Where are You From?
April 13, 2010

Ask a *Third Culture Kid (TCK) where he/she is from, and watch most of them stumble over the answer. The TCK wonders, do you mean where I was born? The country of my passport? Where I live now? Where I used to live? Where my parents live? The place where I feel I most belong?…

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