So You Want to Do “Something International”?
February 18, 2011

When I talk to students about college, we naturally talk about their future career plans and goals. And not surprisingly, many Third Culture Kids or international students in my practice who have had an international experience while growing up seek other international experiences as adults. I have other students, too, who have never been overseas…

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Why a Sudden Departure from Home is a Big Hairy Deal
January 30, 2011

I watch the events in Egypt unfold, my thoughts are with the thousands of expat children and families who are living in Egypt as well as their Egyptian friends and playmates. Maybe others are thinking about the political implications of this open rebellion, but I’m thinking about the many families who may be ordered to…

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I’ll Be Home for Christmas But Only in the Expat’s Dreams
December 24, 2010

When Bing Crosby first crooned the lyrics, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”, I wonder if he ever dreamed it would become a seasonal theme song for expats and their families who might sing, I’ll be home for Christmas but only in the expat’s dreams. As I watched the news last week of thousands of stranded…

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“Trailblazer” Expats Robin Pascoe and Jo Parfitt Honored at FIGT
March 14, 2010

When members of the audience were asked to stand if their own life had been touched by either Robin Pascoe or Jo Parfitt, almost everyone in the room stood up. Jo and Robin have authored numerous books on expat living, lectured around the world, and inspired others to find opportunities and humor in the challenges…

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Advice for Couples Separated by Assignments
March 13, 2010

As I wrote yesterday, the audience at FIGT was inspired by the Ivany’s “straight from the heart” conversation about raising their own kids overseas. (In fact, upon reviewing my notes later, I saw the title of that program, “Encouraging the Courage of Children”. Perfect.) But at the end, a member of the audience asked the…

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8 Steps to Building a Close Expat Family
March 12, 2010

Expat families who move frequently know that it’s a challenge to keep everybody happy about all the changes. And few families move as often as military or diplomatic families, who move about every 2 or 3 years. So who better to give advice than parents who did it successfully for over 34 years? Dr. and…

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