The Great American College Road Trip
July 17, 2012

Summer often means it’s time to load up the family car and embark on the Great American College Road Trip! If you are going to all the time and trouble to get to the campus, you want to do more than just drive around or take the campus tour. Here are a few tips to…

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Is There a College for D Students?
November 2, 2011

A colleague asked me that question this morning. Seems the young man she is working with is “not working up to his potential”. I see this so often that I am dropping everything to write about this very important topic. I work with all kinds of kids, from the superstars going to top tier colleges…

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Making College a Financial Fit and Match
January 14, 2011

Many families worry about how to pay for college, and therefore the default position is for the aspiring student to apply to the local state university where the tuition has traditionally been much more reasonable. But the news coming out of the Golden State of California is downright distressing. Earlier this week Governor Jerry Brown…

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