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Educational Transition Expert

Alex has tutored and taught for nearly twenty years at notable private institutions such as Philips Andover, Taft, and Dartmouth College.  Though originally an English major, he has taught a great variety of subject areas in his career, from humanities to AP literature to history to creative writing to college essay writing.  He has also edited alumni publications and yearbooks, run debate teams, coached varsity athletic teams, acted as an academic advisor and dorm parent, and taken on myriad other roles in his experience as a private school faculty member. Having taught a wide variety of students from 8th grade through college undergraduate with various behavioral and academic profiles, his great breadth of experience allows him to provide guidance in many academic and extracurricular areas.  He is also a skilled academic coach, able to help adolescents and young adults navigate the variety of adversities they face in unfamiliar circumstances as they work through the challenges of academic rigor.    

Alex feels blessed to be able to teach and coach his students in those critical transitional years, and finds it infinitely fulfilling to work with these students.

He attended Philips Exeter Academy, a well-known boarding school, then received his undergraduate degree from Kenyon College and a Master’s Degree in English from Dartmouth College. 

As the father of three young children, Alex spends most of his free time between story times, playgrounds and beaches.  He has a lifetime obsession with the science fiction genre and the New England Patriots, not necessarily in that order.