Finding an educational sanctuary for students with learning differences through ADHD boarding schools.

ADHD Boarding Schools

School is tough at all stages and grade levels. At the same time a child is growing up and trying to figure out who they are in this world, they are also presented with the responsibility and expectation of successfully navigating through school. The challenge of maintaining good grades, performing well in extra-curricular activities, peer pressures, growth changes, emotional stresses, and everything else that affects a young person’s development weighs heavily on a child. This will have a large and lasting impact on them either positively or negatively. These are the formative years. These are the years that play the biggest part in a person’s development; likely to mold and shape the worldview that will be the foundation to the type of person they are and the life they lead. These are the years when they need good parenting, mentorship, and quality role models the most. It is a crucial and stressful time. Yet all too often society can minimize how crucial and stressful it is.

For students with ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism Spectrum Disorder and similar learning differences, the stress is magnified exponentially. For the parents and guardians of these students trying to find answers and championing the best and most effective methods of education for their child, the stakes are high and the answers are hard to find. This is where RNG International can offer a helping hand. We are experts in learning and understanding special educational needs, making it our mission to get to know schools across the country that excel at supporting kids. We work with the entire range of students with learning differences. Some are mildly impacted, while others need more specialized support.

Boarding schools for students with learning differences can make all the difference by placing students in a nurturing, empowering, and safe learning environment. Small class sizes, warm and welcoming communities where kids find security and belonging, caring teachers, enriched academic opportunities, support for different learning styles and needs, a huge range of extra-curricular activities (arts, clubs, athletics, organizations, study abroad, etc.) are just some of the benefits of what an outstanding place the right boarding school can offer for adolescents to grow, mature, and prepare for college.

We work with traditional boarding schools that have robust and well-developed learning support teams. We also work with more specialized schools that have all the traditional boarding school offerings but are designed to support students with specific learning and/or developmental disabilities. These schools feature reading specialists, special educators, and thoughtful consideration to the emotional and physical well being of students.

But much like private school or college admissions, navigating the boarding school admission process can be a tedious undertaking. It’s often an emotional process. This is a time when students and parents appreciate having both professional help and support. There are relatively few consultants who specialize in boarding school placements, but boarding school is a robust part of RNG International’s practice. Not only have we visited and vetted boarding schools across the country and in Europe, we’ve also been through the experience first hand as a family. This gives us a unique perspective on what to look for and what to avoid when selecting a school.

Stress kills focus, learning, creativity and progress. This is true for students as well as those who are trying to ensure success in education and in life. Whatever the need and whatever the school let us help take the stress away from discovering the best educational opportunities and options available to the ones you love. It’s time to see your student thrive!

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